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Hans von Sonntag In 1989, Hans von Sonntag was just a 22-year-old news cameraman capturing the Berlin Wall's historic fall. Fast-forward a few decades, and he's evolved into an award-winning film director in the advertising realm. Yet, while crafting international campaigns, Hans never lost sight of social responsibilities—consistently supporting initiatives from UNESCO, UNEP, and private CSR activities. Today, Hans navigates the pressing issue of climate change with a relentless watch. The erosion of habitats and the worsening climate crisis are matters he doesn't consider separately—they're interlinked, and so are the solutions. It's no longer just about capturing history; it's about trying to redirect its course for a more sustainable future. Hans is proof that professional growth and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive. His approach is simple yet profound: everybody has the power to make a difference, and every effort counts. For Hans, the goal is consistent regardless of his role—whether he's directing behind the camera or leading climate campaigns, he's committed to creating meaningful change.